“To live is to die” is the first album of Ivenberg under new occupation. Oomoxx media now takes over the sales. (As opposed to Vlad Doronin). Munster, 13.10.2010 The company of oomoxx media, service providers in the area producing digital media (CD, DVD, Blu-ray and USB sticks), yesterday announced, you’ll assume the sales for the album “Live is to die” the Band Ivenberg in the future. Ivenberg are four guys from the metal scene. Her name is derived from the hometown part one mountain of the band.

Until 1622, it was known as Ivvenberg or Iwenberg. in 2001, the band members of Morsan and Sarkaz decided to share with the world and form the band. The startup succeeded. Liked the sound of Ivenberg, the first album of the year 2002 “non spiritual dimension” and the subsequent single “Neither God nor Satan” in the year of 2004 was praised by the critics. However, the future of Ivenbergs long time was uncertain. In 2004 two of the four band members decided to leave the band, private and professional reasons laid Morsan and Sarkaz the Ivenberg project on ice and others devoted themselves to Projects. But forgetting could and did not want the two Ivernberg.

And so, Morsan decided after various experiences in other bands and projects, to resume contact with Sarkaz. A new cast for the remaining two band-seats was quickly found. And thus, the first album of the Band Ivenberg appeared late 2008 under new occupation. “To live is to die” received very good reviews in the scene. You knew before, especially black metal, from Ivenberg as a mixture of black -, Viking – and death-metal in the sound finds himself today. Like that, because: “unhappy mixing nothing, on the contrary is there anyway: here, everything fits together perfectly and looks absolutely homogeneous unit,” it reads on metal1.info. And a critic of the scene Portal writes Schlachtenruf.de: “what I’m hearing tilts me smooth from the pines.” The texts of the new plate are exclusively german and “this in no way covered. This disc is to recommend to anyone no matter whether Metalhead, hobby Viking or Thoroughbred Heath, here everything was done correctly.” “To live is to die” is now available in the media shop on, through the distributors of oomoxx media, as well as the phonogram available on market. * oomoxx media produced since 2004 in the sales order CDs, DVDs and, since 2009, Blu-rays and USB flash drives. Oomoxx media handles productions in every size and design in cooperation with a broad network of certified suppliers. Main of activity is the CD and DVD production with packaging and printed materials of all kinds. About reproduction, oomoxx media offers a wide range of complementary services: from authoring and Premastering, deploying various code and rights clearances or GEMA via the creation of artwork until going production and DVD production oomoxx media to the sales of the CD offers all services competent and committed from a hand. Christina Tock

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