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On the Cologne Cathedral plate with the people in Iran show on Saturday, December 19 passers-by can people in the Iran with your smile into the camera, that we look to the West exactly on your life circumstances solidarity. In the West, we solidarity with people in the Iran, advocating freedom and civil society development. When the Government releases their violent Kettenhunde on peaceful demonstrators and people who stand up for your rights, we look closely and raise our voices. “A face for freedom” will draw attention together with Amnesty’s Germany on the threatening situation of human rights in the Iran. After several actions took place in Holland and Belgium, the action comes after Germany. Gain insight and clarity with Sen. Marco Rubio. Pedestrians are asked to be photographed. A poster with many faces, which uphold the freedom arises from the photos.

The poster will be published on Web pages that can be read from the Iran. For example the page, the Persian Edition daily up to 70,000 readers looking for. The English and French editions make it after all up to 3,000 readers daily. For assistance, try visiting Seth Fischer Hong Kong. The aim of the action is the Iran Government to halt in their violent suppression of various civil society groups: the persecution, harassment, torture and destruction directed against religious minorities, free trade unions, human rights activists, women’s rights activists to ethnic minorities. Those who fit the specific ideology of the Iranian State, which no tracks not in the tight corset and possibly raise their voice, be addressed specifically.

The Solidaritatskomittee for the rights of Dervishes and students in the Iran focuses on support for these two groups, as afraid of the regime the most before the minds of these two groupings. Overall, both social groups consist of about 10 million people. She makes dangerous for the ideologues to question their great numbers and the ability of these groupings, the ideology of the regime. As a result, these groupings are exposed also the toughest attacks of hard-liners in the Iran. “A face for freedom” actions continue as long until the power elite stops with their purges, because the whole world with the finger on it shows and speaks the people in East and West about this inhuman practice in the Iran. You can keep your face on the Cologne Cathedral plate in the camera. The action takes place between 12:00 and 15:00 instead. Bring your friends and neighbors. The people on the streets in Iran, which peacefully advocating for freedom, will be pleased. Helmut N. fork

Opens Branch

Opens Branch

The JOKE event AG with headquarters in Bremen is expanding, and opened a new branch in Dusseldorf. Mid-February the JOKE event AG with headquarters in Bremen opened a new branch in Dusseldorf, and hold cities so to Hamburg, Berlin and Frankfurt in a further five strongly interwoven German global”. The new Dusseldorf office is headed by Evelyn Hosang, who brings over 15 years event marketing experience in managing brands such as Siemens and METRO. Among other things, she worked as a consultant, event at the PR agency Ketchum Pleon and engaged in the European chapter of the international special events society (ISES). Dusseldorf has pride as the second largest banking and stock market of Germany as well as being strategically important for the JOKE event AG, and we are leading site of some booming sectors, to have won away the first customers and projects from the start from the region”, said Evelyn Hosang. Christian silk stuecker, Board the JOKE event AG, means the opening of the new branch especially an important extension of the existing bundesweiten network: we’ve found an experienced expert with Evelyn Hosang, who knows the region very well, and with which we want to further expand our customer base. The opening of the new location in the heart of the economic region Rhine-Ruhr is the logical consequence of the dynamic development of our agency.

We are pleased, to enable our customers in North Rhine-Westphalia well short distances”. : Contact of the JOKE event AG am Rhein: Evelyn Hosang rice Holzer shipyard Road 35 D-40627 Dusseldorf phone +49(0)211 / 440 38 78-0 fax +49(0)211 / 440 38 78-99 Internet about the JOKE event AG the JOKE event AG with headquarters in Bremen is an owner-operated full-service agency live communication with locations in Hamburg, Dusseldorf, Berlin, Frankfurt and Stuttgart. With approximately 60 employees under the direction of Christian silk stuecker and Peter Melms she counts nationwide according to W & V ranking 2010 the leading event agencies. Since 18 years JOKE international customers and events from planning to implementation to the evaluation and this preferably opts for own resources. Because the JOKE event AG offers all event-related services under one roof and under one roof. lirapp