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Juice Diet Blog’s mission is that our visitors leave with the confidence to make positive long-term changes to their lifestyles and eating habits to include more fruits and vegetables. Please understand that juicing is nutrition in a glass. Hopefully by reading this site, you will learn to appreciate the benefits of juicing using a variety of freshly-made fruits and vegetable juices that are prepared in tasty ways, so you can improve your health and lose the excess weight that has been bothering you for good!

So, my first little bit of advice about controlling your weight would be to eat at home a little more often and to incorporate juicing into your lifestyle. I was going to say “diet” but really this is a lifestyle change! So many studies have shown that raw ingredients prepared and juiced from scratch are so much healthier, and, when shared at home with loved ones, are more likely to have a pleasant effect on your health and weight loss goals.

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Now, lest the thought of eating enough fruits & vegetables makes you want to balk a little, let me remind you about the benefits of juicing. Use vegetable juices for their healing power and fruit juices for the energy boost! The beauty of making your own juices is that you can add your own favorite fruits to make it even tastier!

Before you begin a juice fast, you should always consult with your doctor first, and ask them if a juice diet is right for you. People who have been on juice diets have seen fantastic results and have managed to lose a few pounds extremely quickly just by following the plan.

Is A Juice Diet Right For You?

When you’re on a juice fasting diet, you don’t eat anything and all you drink is freshly-made fruit and raw vegetables juices. The reason most people will experience having more energy whilst on the juice diet, is because the body uses less energy because there’s less food to digest. As an added benefit, when the body is storing fewer toxins it operates more efficiently and you will experience greater levels of energy.

Consuming organic vegetable and fruits juices can help to improve the function of your liver, colon, and kidneys, all of which are vital organs which aid in the cleansing and detoxification process. In addition, fresh juices that you make yourself are packed full with vitamins and minerals including Vitamin C, B Complex Vitamins, Potassium, and Magnesium, and all of these nutrients will help to increase energy levels.

What does a juice diet look like? Whilst on a juice diet all animal products and cooked food are removed. Processed foods such as refined sugar, hydrogenated vegetable oils, and white flour are also cut out of your diet. The animal’s products that are excluded are sour creams, milk, eggs, cheese, fish and poultry.

By excluding these foods while on a juice diet, the dieter will be feeling much better and will notice that they have a lot more energy, and the results usually start to show in less than 24 hours.

This diet plan is mainly plant based and is made from raw ingredients. The person who is on the juice diet should prepare all there own juices using a juicer, this will make sure that they receive all the nutrients, vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants.

One downside to a juicing diet is that the fiber is extracted and you’re left with only the juice, and as we all know having fiber in our diets is good for health. With that being said, a juice diet is something which is usually done for a small period of time, 1-day up to as long as 60-days in some cases. If you plan on doing a juice diet for more than a day, you can add organic ground flax seeds to your juices three times per day to ensure that you’re having regular bowel movements.

Surviving the First Few Days Of a Juice Detox

When you are deciding to begin a juice detox for rapid weight loss and to cleanse the body of harmful toxins it can be difficult and exciting at the same time. Once the difficult part is over you’ll start feeling energetic and much better.

Some people consider a juice detox to be a type of crash diet but they lack the understanding of exactly what juice diets are all about. A juice detox is not about starving yourself. You get plenty of nutrients, vitamins, living enzymes, and all the goodness from juicing.

The misconception is that juice detoxing involves only drinking juices, when in fact the typical juice detox consists of strictly only juice for the first few days, then you slowly integrate other raw foods and lean protein such as fish and chicken.

How do you get past the first few days of the juice detox diet?

The first thing that you need to do is plan ahead and get all of your recipes together. Be ready to change some of the food around just in case you don’t have something on the list. Now, after you plan your recipes and what you’ll be eating I am going to let you in on a secret that is going to help you make it. That is the power of positive thoughts and motivation. Yes, that’s right! You have to be ready and get yourself pumped up to be positive and motivated.

One way to do this is with putting out stickers of positive sayings and thoughts around the house. Say them out loud and believe in yourself that you can lose weight on your juice detox. Just remember, when you believe in your self anything can happen!

You might be asking, why is it hard the first few days on a juice detox? The reason why is because your body is getting rid of unwanted toxins and you also might miss some of the food you are use to eating.

Now, here’s another quick tip for you. Having herbal supplements can help you kick the craving for carbs. Try vitamins like vitamin c and zinc. If you have health problems or on medication first talk with your doctor before using herbal supplements.

Another thing is you should first talk with your doctor before going on a juice diet and make sure it’s alright with your health condition and won’t cause problems with any medication that you are on.

You’ve got your recipes, positive thinking going on and herbal supplements. The last step is just to relax! Yep.

You’ll not want to plan heavy duty things on the first few days of your diet. Don’t do major exercising and lifting things. Take a small vacation and watch a few comedies and light hearted movies.

You deserve the time off anyway and what a great time to take it! Drink your favorite juice drink and watch a movie and laugh a lot the first few days and repeat this process throughout your diet because guess what? You can do it!

The benefits of a juice diet will come as no surprise to those who visit here often, as we have pages on fruits and vegetable juices and the raw food diet, which, by the way, is great for overweight people who are looking for a healthy and nutrient-packed alternative that is filled with flavor and variety. We even have a great page on the juice detox diet.

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So, please, visit these other pages on our web site, and check back often to see what new items we’ve come up with to help you with your weight loss goals. You don’t have to be overweight forever, and it’s really not that painful, especially if you learn to juice raw fruits and vegetables, cook from scratch at home, and cut down on your portion sizes.

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