Is Cooked Food Allowed On Raw Food Detox?

When you start on a raw food detox diet you’ll notice right away all of the incredible benefits that comes with having both raw vegetables and with having raw fruits. The nutrient levels with these food items is always high and the calories are also low so often times you can eat as many of them that you would like and most people do.

However, the question that most people ask is should you eliminate all cooked food items in your diet and only eat just vegetables that are steamed? You might be surprised but the answer to this question is no. You can put yourself at a big disadvantage if you only eat raw food.

If you eat raw vegetables you usually end up eating around 50 calories per pound and this is just only if you are eating raw vegetables. You need to eat a certain number of calories per day in order to make sure that you are getting enough nutrition and if you are just having vegetables only then you are not getting all of the nutrition that you need. When you are on a diet you should think about having seeds, nuts, avocado and fruits plus other things that might help you to make sure that you are getting enough nutrition and balancing everything out in your system the right way.

The bad news is many people believe that you should stay away from cook food items if you are on the raw food diet and a lot of raw food advocates teach that cook foods might not be very good for us but the fact is, that is not true because we need to have cooked food sometimes in our diet.

Some people think that when you do cook your food that at least 50% of its nutrients gets destroyed including the enzymes that we need in our system. However, when you do cook food at very high temperatures some of the nutrients get destroyed and more so when it is barbecued or fried a lot of the nutrients dissolve.

Overcooking food also has a lot of disadvantages and when you overcook food it can have some negative effects to happen. The most important thing is when we are cooking, we should not be conservative over the ways we cook food to maintain all the nutrients, because our body still needs to have cooked food.

When we have soup or steamed food usually it is cooked at fixed temperature being 100 degress Celsius / 212 Fahrenheit. This kind of cooking helps to prevent the food from getting toxic compounds or either prevents it from actually browning. Dry cooking can cause acrylamides. A lot of the nutrients that is essential from vegetables often times has a higher chance of being absorable once it is cooked in the soup or in something that is based with moisture. Many of the key nutrients often times don’t get lost because we usually have the liquid part of the soup and that is also healthy for us.

Once you absorb cooked food you are also getting many compounds in your body that you need such as anti-cancer compounds and those kind of compounds can help to prevent cancer and other health conditions. If you decide not to have cook food items you won’t be getting as many of those compounds and can end up putting yourself more at a risk of developing cancer later in life as a result of it.

There are many food items that you can steam at a high temperature and get lots of nutrition from it. Some of the food items include crab, cooked vegetables, pork spare ribs, chicken, wheat food, rice and many more. Steaming food also helps to ensure that the fat and calorie content remain low and it can promote a very healthy lifestyle. Another thing about steaming foods is that it always smells so good and that helps you to enjoy the food even more.

Big believers with the raw food movement also said that the plants that contain enzymes in them that causes a chemical reaction to help with the way we digest food. However, this statement is false. Enzymes are not supplied in plant foods when the animals eat them. We get the right amount of enzymes needed and so when we eat raw food less enzyme production is not needed by the body because the plant enzymes get broken down into molecules by the juices in our digestive system and when this happens it is then absorbed into small size pieces and makes it easier for us to handle.

Having a mixture of raw and cooked food is important for your body and diet as long as you make use of healthy cooking tips. You will always get the proper nutrition that you need in your system and plus it ensures that you get the proper energy needed throughout the day so that you are always alert and healthy.

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