How Much Exercise To Do During Juice Fast

In order to lose weight there is a balancing act you need to know about – a trade-off if you like.

The two sides are calories consumed and calories used.

On the side of the calories used your “normal” everyday activities will use a pretty-much fixed amount to keep you warm, feed your body with the energy it needs to move and so on.

So in order to lose weight you either need to consume less calories than your body needs on average, or burn more calories each day through exercise.

Even better, attack the weight loss problem from both angles – eat less and exercise more.

So how much exercise you need to do in order to lose weight when juice fasting really depends on how much weight you want to lose.

My suggestion for best results based on my own testing and discoveries while losing weight on a juice fast over the last two years or so is to exercise for 30 minutes at least 3 times a week. Even though if you’re controlling your diet (as discussed elsewhere on this site), then *any* exercise is better than none.

During the juice fast, you want to cut the tempo and time of your workouts. If you want to ease into exercising slowly then just start off slowly and go for a run or a swim or a bike ride or do weights once a week on your day off work. Just make sure it counts by putting some effort in so you finish off your exercise hot, sweaty and exhausted.

If you take a gentle, leisurely bike ride and feel absolutely fine at the end you’re obviously not trying hard enough and the effects on your losing weight will be tiny if not negligible.

But my suggestion for a realistic weight loss program without spending half your life either exercising or recovering would be 3 sessions of around 30 minutes a week.

You should be losing weight in no time at all with this plan.

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