Dandelion Juice

Some people might not know this but dandelions taste great in a juice! If you have never tried dandelion juice before hopefully you’ll want to after you read some more about what dandelion juice can do for you.

Dandelion is considered to be very healthy for you in many ways. Before preparing your own dandelion juice the one thing to remember with dandelions is that you should always pick the leaves that are small.

When the leaf is very big it might taste bitter and destroy the taste of the juice. It’s best to pick the dandelion leaves in the spring or summer time.

Did you know that dandelion juice helps to remove toxins and waste in the body?

This is why it works so great as a detox juice drink, and although not its primary purpose, it is also great when you are wanting to lose weight! In time those nasty and unwanted toxins can build up but being on a juice diet can help you out in so many ways and one of those is with getting rid of the unwanted toxins and dandelion is a powerful green that can do just that!

Dandelion not only gets rid of unwanted toxins in the system but it has a lot of magnesium in it and that is very good for your bones and promotes healthy and strong bones.

Here is a quick and yummy carrot and dandelion juice recipe:

  • First you’ll need to get a handful of dandelion leaves. If you don’t know where to get some then you might want to look into buying some at the store.
  • Four carrots
  • 1 Kale Leaf
  • A small handful of basil leaves


Cut the carrots up before putting them in the blender. After you cut the carrots up put in all of the ingredients in your juicer and mix them together until it is soft and comes out just right for you to drink.

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